Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Empowering the World
to Invest Fearlessly.

Our Mission is Fueled by 9 Core Values...


Every interaction — the product, an email, a phone call, a meeting or even a bill — is designed to delight our customers.


We’re building a 100 year company, so we think long term and focus on doing a small number of things really well. We choose making a deep impact, over trying to boil the ocean.


Investors are best served by answering questions objectively and mathematically with data. When in doubt, we will always do the right thing and err on the side of safety.


We welcome diverse people, contrarian thinking and unfamiliar styles. We don’t focus on our differences, but we embrace them. We work hard and play hard together.


We use open and direct communication to save time. We talk openly about problems so we can solve them quickly. There are no sacred cows here.


We take ownership of and pride in the craftsmanship of our work. We focus on our outputs, are aware of how they impact our teammates, and communicate early when things go wrong.


We’re a team of all-star “A” players, so we don’t do turf wars or complaining. We take ownership of the positions we play, and we always have our teammate’s back.


We believe that “A” players thrive on freedom, so we avoid making things complicated with lists of rules. We have high expectations for how we use that freedom to win.


We set high goals, measure ourselves by our accomplishments, and fail and succeed together. We respectfully tell teammates “that needs to be better, or you’ll screw up our company.”