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This is your home base for downloading the graphic assets you need to represent the Riskalyze brand.


Our primary color palette is designed to complement the bold orange for which we’re known. A set of neutrals let Fearless Orange take the stage when present, and a secondary palette exists to provide additional color pops when needed.


  • Fearless Orange
    Our signature color is a powerful one, so it's important we use it with restraint. It works well to highlight our logo or make icons pop, but try not to overwhelm anyone with a page full of it.
    C 00 M 51 Y 99 K 00
    R 246 G 146 B 30
  • Empowered Blue
    We call this Empowered Blue because you should feel empowered to use it liberally. It's got a far lower Risk Number than Fearless Orange does.
    C 76 M 53 Y 39 K 15
    R 71 G 100 B 120
  • Deep Charcoal
    Like Empowered Blue, this is a safe color that doesn't feel overwhelming. It's an excellent contrast-provider, and works well as a background for lighter text.
    C 67 M 61 Y 59 K 46
    R 64 G 64 B 65
  • Focused Gray
    Focused Gray provides a safe swatch for backgrounds, lighter text, icons, and more. Use it for just about anything, but let other colors shine as well to keep your piece from getting bland.
    C 27 M 20 Y 20 K 00
    R 187 G 189 B 191
  • Everyday Gray
    Just like the name suggests, we use this color every day. Because it is subtle, it's ideal to break up sections in a document as a background color, or for graphics you don't want to jump off of the page.
    C 04 M 02 Y 02 K 00
    R 241 G 243 B 245


  • Delightful Yellow
    C 00 M 35 Y 99 K 00
    R 253 G 175 B 23
  • Summit Blue
    C 78 M 24 Y 05 K 00
    R 00 G 153 B 206
  • Trading Teal
    C 56 M 00 Y 36 K 00
    R 80 G 227 B 194

Open Sans is Riskalyze’s type family of choice. See below for a breakdown of optimal font hierarchy. Here are a few things to watch out for regarding typography:

  • Don’t write headlines or body copy in all caps
  • Use exclamation points sparingly
  • Make sure to superscript instances of ® and ™.
  • Write out ‘and’ rather than using an ampersand
  • Stick with the color combinations for background and font in the interactive module below
People are individuals.
Open Sans
Bold or Ultra Bold
Title/Sentence Case
Open Sans
All Caps
Gone are the days of stereotyping investors with subjective semantics based on their age. It's time to act in the best interests of investors and prove it quantitatively.
Open Sans
Light or Regular
Sentence Case
Risk Number

The Risk Number is the heart of our movement. It’s intentionally white-labeled and designed to complement any wealth management brand. No orange. No hexagons. Just a blank slate for empowering fearless investing.

It’s important to follow the guidelines below to keep the Risk Number clear, readable, and consistent.

  • Do use the Risk Number on a clean background with plenty of empty space around it for readability.
  • Do capitalize the 'R' and 'N', and always use a superscripted registered trademark symbol (®) the first time you refer to it.
  • Don't change the font or style of the Risk Number symbol. Download from this page to ensure you're using the correct file.
  • Don't invent your own Risk Number. It's not the risk score, risk limit, risk factor, or risk fingerprint. It's the Risk Number, and we love it!
Riskalyze GPA
Riskalyze GPA is the quantitative way to measure the efficiency of funds and portfolios, and has become a powerful way to illustrate the relative advantage of one investment strategy over another. From 1.0 to 4.3, download all possible GPA graphics here.

Our Brand in Action


File Name Last Update Description  
All Logos July 16, 2019 Zipped file of all Riskalyze logo files
Primary Logo July 16, 2019 Go-to logo for a light colored background
Logo Light July 16, 2019 Go-to logo for a dark colored background
Mono Logo White July 16, 2019 All white logo
Mono Logo Charcoal July 16, 2019 Mono Logo Charcoal
All Hex Icons July 16, 2019 Zipped file of all Riskalyze hex icons
Primary Hex Icon July 16, 2019 Go-to hex icon for a light colored background
Hex Icon Light July 16, 2019 Go-to hex icon for a dark colored background
Hex Icon Mono Charcoal July 16, 2019 All gray hex icon
Hex Icon Mono White July 16, 2019 All white hex icon
Risk Numbers February 3, 2022 Zipped file of all Risk Numbers
Riskalyze GPA July 16, 2019 Zipped file of all Riskalyze GPAs
Risk Numbers July 16, 2019 Riskalyze font family


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