Bring sophisticated risk analytics into the heart of eMoney

Seamlessly drive your business from account aggregation, to investment analytics, to risk alignment, to a collaborative and interactive financial plan.

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Document your fiduciary care with the Risk Number®.

It’s the heart of our award-winning analytics platform for advisors. Built on a Nobel prize-winning framework, Riskalyze has become the industry standard for quantifying investment risk, aligning risk tolerance and risk capacity with portfolio risk, and turning your clients and future clients into fearless investors.

Start with the power of Risk Alignment…

Sync eMoney’s aggregated accounts directly into Riskalyze and instantly tap into sophisticated analytics of holdings, accounts, and portfolios. Set a target Risk Number or leverage risk assessments to generate a proposal that demonstrates alignment with clients.

…and build a living, breathing financial plan in eMoney.

Once clients know their Risk Number and have bought into their investment strategy, they’re ready for interactive and collaborative financial planning. Give them visibility into that plan, including their Risk Number and Portfolio Risk, right in the eMoney client portal.

Clients just “get it.”
Leverage the eMoney Client Portal

With the flip of a switch, your clients get visibility into their personal Risk Number and the Risk Number of their portfolio from the moment they sign into the homepage of their client portal.

Add Game-Changing Analytics

Add the power of relevant Stress Tests, Risk/Reward Heatmaps, Individual Security Analysis, Reports, and Detailed Portfolio Stats right into the eMoney client experience your clients already love.

Give Clients Confidence

Bad, short-term decisions are the primary killers of long-term goals. The Risk Number and corresponding 95% Historical Range give clients permission to hang in there, even when markets are volatile.

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A seamless solution with deep integration.
No need to juggle passwords.

Single-sign-on capabilities mean that your eMoney credentials give you access to launch your Riskalyze account. It's safe, it's secure, and it's delightfully convenient.

No need to leave eMoney.

No juggling browser tabs, either! Riskalyze's tools are framed into the software you use every day, giving you and your clients a seamless experience.

Analytics are a click away.

Instantly push eMoney's aggregated client accounts into Riskalyze and have the resulting analytics surface back into the eMoney platform automatically.

Drive risk alignment with Riskalyze, and create living, breathing financial plans with eMoney.

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