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How a Robo Technology Won an Award for Actually Benefitting Advisors

TD Ameritrade Institutional (TDAI) has done an incredible job facilitating a growing community of technology innovators in order to make their “Veo” platform an industry leading tool for independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) everywhere. Executives from 25 technology companies just gathered in June for the seventh annual TDAI Technology Summit near Dallas to check in on the latest with Veo.

Autopilot, Riskalyze’s robo technology for advisors, received an award at the summit for achieving “the highest levels of integration that went live on Veo in the past year.” Those familiar with Autopilot know about its successes in automating investor engagement through intuitive client dashboards, automating the account opening process, and getting clients invested according to their personal Risk Number®.

According to a release by TDAI, these annual Veo Integrated Awards recognize the firms that “did the most to promote technology integration for the benefit of RIAs.”

So, how does a robo platform win an award for benefitting RIAs?

First, there is a distinction to be made between self-directed robos, and robo technology that advisors can deploy. At Riskalyze, we believe robo technology works best when it supercharges human advice. Robo technology in the hands of advisors are like banks when they rolled out ATMs; self-directed robos are like ATMs without a bank.

Autopilot takes advisor-facing technology, simplifies it, and allows the client to do more of the driving. Clients can open accounts, check on their progress, update their Risk Number, and stay invested for the long term.

At Riskalyze, we’ve found that about 80% of an advisor’s time, energy and cost is spent doing commoditized, repetitive tasks for the bottom third to half of their business. That’s why we’re so excited to empower advisors to put the hassles of their business on Autopilot and start focusing on their client relationships again.

And that’s how robo technology can take home awards for actually benefitting those who provide advice: advisors.

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