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CLS Investments & Riskalyze Launch Autopilot to Neutralize Robo-Threat

Autopilot Will Offer Automated Asset Management and Risk Measurement, Embedded Into an Advisory Firm’s Existing Website

CLS Investments, LLC (“CLS”), a third party money manager and a leading manager of exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), has joined forces with Riskalyze, the company that invented the Risk Number™, the first-ever quantitative way to capture client risk tolerance, align portfolios to client expectations, and quantify the suitability of investments. Together, the two companies will launch Autopilot, a first of its kind automated asset management platform for financial advisors.

With the emergence of the “robo” advisor (a popular term for an online financial advice offering delivered at low cost to the consumer), financial advisors who are not providing a next-generation technology experience to their clients are at a real disadvantage. Autopilot is designed to give any advisor a significant edge in an era of rapidly evolving technology.

It takes seconds to embed Autopilot into an existing advisor’s website. Online clients can then capture their Risk Number™, sync in their outside assets, open their new account with the firm, and e-sign the documents. Autopilot opens a world of possibilities for advisors and clients alike.

“Riskalyze and CLS already help advisors grow, in our own ways — now combined via Autopilot, the growth prospects of all of our existing and future advisor partners increases exponentially,” says Todd Clarke, CEO of CLS.

Autopilot is available exclusively to financial advisory firms. Investors see the advisor’s brand, and the advisor decides how much hands-on service to provide. The Autopilot team is right behind the advisor to handle all the manual work — the trading, rebalancing, client service calls for account management, and more.

“When you combine the strength and track record of CLS with the innovation and quantitative science of Riskalyze, that’s a combined track record of $50 billion and 29 years,” said Aaron Klein, Riskalyze CEO. “This is an unmatched combination for advisors looking for a strong partner to grow their businesses.”

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