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The Case for Financial Advice

It’s times like this, as we continue to see market volatility shake things up across every industry, that advisors are called to prove their value to clients. And if you ask our CEO, Aaron Klein, he’ll say that the work you do as a financial advisor has never been more valuable than it is right now.

Investors understand the power of investing. What they don’t understand, however, is how to protect their investments against the biggest risk factor of them all: themselves. 

As technology continues to tip the scales toward more active investors, some advisors may ask, “Will there be a time where investors don’t need us anymore?” And our answer is always, unequivocally, NO. Especially during uncertain times, we believe advisors have the ability to highlight the skillsets that make them irreplaceable in the long term.

There’s been some pretty impressive research done in recent years about the tangible value of hiring a financial advisor – and we want to share those resources with you, so you can confidently stand behind the heroic work that you do to help clients make logical, fearless decisions for their financial futures.

In our most recent white paper, The Case for Financial Advisors, we dive into the impact advisors make in these three areas:


Avoiding hyperactivity to keep clients focused on long-term results while giving you expedited answers to the questions your brain is constantly asking: Am I doing it right? How long until I know that I’m on track? When will I know if our plan was a good plan and we succeeded?


Ensuring clients are investing for the right reasons by using technology rooted in objectivity (like a client’s Risk Number®).


Overcoming clients’ fears and their natural aversion to risk, demonstrating how important having a coach is for investors.


Now more than ever, it’s game time. We hope this whitepaper will help you frame the incredible work you’re doing to help the world invest fearlessly.