Want Better SEO? Do These 4 Steps to Optimize Your “Google My Business” Listing

When you search online for a new restaurant, a mechanic, or a local lawyer, you’re typically shown a business listing that provides all the information you’re looking for: hours of operation, phone number, website address, reviews, etc. This information shows up in your Google search because those businesses created and optimized their “Google My Business” (GMB) listings.

As a potential new customer, you can use this information to decide if you’d like to engage with the business, visit their store, check out their website, give them a call and more. Essentially, their GMB listing is helping you decide if you’d like to buy from or work with that business.

Financial advisory firms are no exception when it comes to how people vet businesses online. In fact, mobile searches for the term “financial advisor” grew 75% over the last two years. Even if investors aren’t ready to “seal the deal” with an advisor online, 86% of them still spend an hour or more researching firms online first.

Your “Google My Business” listing serves as your firm’s digital “storefront” — it’s the first impression people get when they find you online. So while accounting for a shift in consumer behavior may sound like a challenge, it actually presents an exciting opportunity to jumpstart your digital presence and attract new clients.

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