Leverage Trusted Portfolio Analytics and Research

Accurate Portfolio Analytics is Vital to Your Firm

Financial portfolio analytics are essential for advisors and wealth management firms to build the best portfolios for their clients. Research and analytics provide the means to make well informed decisions about investments, offering insights into areas like risk assessment and portfolio optimization. Using portfolio management software that provides the most up-to-date information and analysis is necessary to create successful portfolios in today’s ever-changing markets.

By leveraging world-class portfolio analytics and research, advisors can provide informed advice that considers both short-term market changes and long-term client goals. This level of insight is crucial for delivering exceptional advice and building investor trust.

Create the Perfect Portfolio with Riskalyze

With Riskalyze’s powerful software, financial professionals can leverage world-class portfolio analytics tools and research capabilities to accurately manage investment risk and build portfolios that are in line with their clients’ risk tolerance and financial goals. The platform includes a comprehensive suite of analytics features such as Detailed Portfolio Stats, Individual Security Analysis, Discovery, Stress Tests, Scenarios, and beyond.

With Riskalyze, wealth management firms can move beyond traditional portfolio construction methods and deliver a world-class experience for their clients. The platform offers the latest in portfolio analytics and research, empowering advisors and firms to serve clients better than ever before.

Riskalyze: Your Firm’s New Superpower

Pain Points
Illustrating expertise to clients
Use Stress Tests & Scenarios to simulate historical market events, and prove your client’s portfolio is in alignment with their goals
Researching investment analytics
Unleash your inner math geek with Detailed Portfolio Stats, and use Individual Security Analysis to easily pull up a rich set of data for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds
Finding the best or alternative securities for clients
With Discovery, harness the proprietary power of the Risk Number®, Riskalyze GPA®, and more to search for the perfect investment for every client
Discovering held-away assets
Investors can easily and securely enter credentials remotely or by your side to sync outside holdings from over 18,000 institutions