Build a Business Around Sustainable Growth

The Vast Majority of Firms Are Not Growing

They are shrinking. Growth is crucial to the success of a thriving wealth management firm and includes increasing a firm’s AUM, attracting and retaining the best talent, building a scalable process, and delivering a personalized client experience. However, growing your financial advisory business can be challenging. If you take away the impact of the market, the average wealth management firm is only growing about 3% per year. That is not enough to sustain a real growth business.

Shifts in client expectations, the influx of new technology, increased competition, market volatility, and expanding regulation are all contributing factors that make growing a firm difficult. But these changes have also opened opportunities for advisory firms to differentiate and achieve long-term success with innovative tools and comprehensive strategy.

Win More Prospects with Riskalyze

To drive consistent and scalable growth in your firm, you need the industry’s leading growth platform Riskalyze. Riskalyze helps firms to win more prospects, attract and retain the best advisors, and sustain growth over time. With the Riskalyze growth platform, you get access to powerful tools that will enable your team to become one of the fastest-growing wealth management firms in the market.

We don’t believe in all-in-ones; we believe you should be able to select and piece together the best technology to help your firm scale. Our innovative solutions will give you the edge over competitors and set your firm up for success.

Riskalyze: Your Firm’s New Superpower

Pain Points
Growing Your Firm
Acquire new clients in a measurable and meaningful way with Riskalyze
Increasing Take-Home Pay
Raise take-home pay at your firm by providing a platform that makes it easier to identify and attract new prospects
Building the Best Team
Add Riskalyze to your tech stack to improve advisor recruitment and retention
Seeing Insights to Accelerate Progress
Access world-class portfolio analytics and research to build the best portfolios
Improving Firm Valuation
Streamline successions and acquisitions and prove your firm’s value with Riskalyze