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Riskalyze Review: September 2022

Welcome to the Riskalyze Review, our monthly roundup of industry news,
product updates, and other happenings in the Riskalyze universe.

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Can’t Join Us in Person? Experience Summit Virtually!

If you can’t make it to Salt Lake City this October for our Fearless Investing Summit, we’ve got you covered. Sit back and relax from anywhere you want as you join Summit virtually! Join in on main stage sessions, earn CFP hours, hear our CEO’s live keynote, and more!

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Gear Up for Bootcamp!

September Bootcamp Online is Friday, September 16th from 8am-1pm PT. We’ll dive into client engagement, optimizing portfolio construction, supercharging your marketing, geeking out on investment analysis methodology, an executive session with Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein, and we’ll leave you packed full of resources for your business.

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Introducing Riskalyze Ultimate

Meet our newest product: Riskalyze Ultimate! Ultimate is the firm-wide alignment platform to drive a consistent client experience across your advisors and compliance analytics for every account. Now your entire firm can prove when a portfolio is out of alignment, propose a portfolio with the correct amount of risk, and compliance can ensure that everything stays on track.

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Introducing Riskalyze Labs

Join us for live virtual sessions to explore everything Riskalyze has to offer and deepen your understanding of how Riskalyze can turn fearful investors, who make bad decisions, into fearless investors who make great decisions! Every Wednesday from 1-2 PM PT we’ll host a session with a different focus. See details and sign up below!

Stats & Timeline | September 7th/21st
Get informed on the strengths and weaknesses of any portfolio as we guide you through our portfolio Stats and Timeline for Retirement Map features!

Discovery/ISA + Marketing Kit | September 14th/28th
Learn how you can brand and advertise your business using Riskalyze. Also, see how you can use Riskalyze to screen for efficient investments to strengthen your portfolios!

Riskalyze 201 | October 5th/19th
Join us as we delve into the analytics within Riskalyze and how you can set fantastic client expectations to create fearless investors!

Riskalyze 301 | October 12th/26th
Make your time in Riskalyze even more efficient, as we walk through many of the hidden gems within Riskalyze, including (but not limited to) Check-Ins and the Lead Generation Questionnaire!

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Check in with Riskalyze Check-ins

Check-ins is an automated behavioral coaching tool that allows you, the advisor, to take the pulse of your clients on a regular basis. That way, you’re set to receive an early warning sign if a client’s psychology needs a little care.

Now, you get data points on how your clients are feeling about the markets and their financial future, allowing you to take action at the first sign of trouble.

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Digital Assets Briefing: From the Ethereum “Merge” to the Endless Summer of Regulation | September 14th
Throughout the month of September, Ethereum, the second largest crypto industry will be undergo the most significant transformation in the history of the blockchain industry. Rubicon Crypto CEO and Fearless 22 presenter, Greg Johnson, will share everything advisors need to know about the shifting landscape.

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Halo Investing x Riskalyze | September 20th
Structured products are quickly emerging as an effective vehicle to diversify client portfolios away from volatility in both the stock and bond markets. You are invited to an exclusive webinar hosted by Halo Investing and Riskalyze where we introduce structured notes as a modern solution to many of today’s investing challenges.

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Riskalyze + Donoghue Forlines | September 22nd
Join us for an exclusive webinar with our newest partner in the model marketplace: Donoghue Forlines. Donoghue Forlines offers a full suite of proactive strategies designed to help advisors and their clients de-risk when market circumstances warrant it, enabling them to stay disciplined to meet their investment objectives.

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Riskalyze + Tactical Fund Advisors | September 29th
Join TFA Funds and Riskalyze, as they discuss the math, methodology, and expertise behind TFA’s model portfolios available in the Riskalyze Partner Store. In this webinar session, we’ll take a deeper look at both the models and funds available to you and the complementary aspects offered.

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Tune in to Our CEO

Hear the latest from Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein on the Voice From the Hills podcast. He chats with James Werner on the significance of family, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and how quantifying risk can turn the fearful investor into a fearless investor.

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