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Riskalyze Review: November 2022

Welcome to the Riskalyze Review, our monthly roundup of industry news,
product updates, and other happenings in the Riskalyze universe.

The Can’t-Miss Keynote

We’re still reeling from a this year’s record-breaking Fearless Investing Summit. If you didn’t have a chance to join us or you want to re-watch everything our Fearless CEO covers from the main stage, we’ve got you covered. Watch the entire keynote from CEO Aaron Klein below and gain insights into the future of Riskalyze and our latest updates!

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Explore Our Latest Product Innovations

We’ve got product news for you! Read our latest product blogs to check out our newest enhancements and changes.

Account Groups: An Upgrade Designed for Your Firm’s Efficiency
The All-New Portfolios Experience now has Account Groups which helps financial advisors easily categorize all their accounts.

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3 Tips for Navigating Compliance Changes and Regulations
Successful compliance hinges on being informed and taking proactive steps to avoid regulatory breaches. Here are three steps your firm can take to stay on top of their compliance game in 2022 and 2023.

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Tax Drag: The New Competitive Advantage in Investment Management
At Summit we introduced Tax Drag, the reduction of return in a portfolio due to taxes. With tax drag, we’re looking at the relative efficiency of how the investment solutions you use in your portfolio are managed by the asset manager.

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Build Client Trust in Economic Downturn with Riskalyze
This year, we decided to make Check-ins even more accessible and actionable for advisory firms entering an uphill battle to satisfy clients despite a market downturn and looming recession.

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Gear Up For Bootcamp

Join us Friday, December 2nd from 8am-1pm PST for Bootcamp Online! We’ll dive into client engagement, optimizing portfolio construction, supercharging your marketing, geeking out on investment analysis methodology, an executive session with Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein, and we’ll leave you packed full of resources for your business.

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Upcoming Educational Opportunities

Actively managed ETFs remain a small part of the overall ETF market but change is in the air and the allure is undeniable. We hope you can join us for this discussion!

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Regulatory Challenges Solved with Riskalyze | Nov 17th
Starting with the Risk Number®, Riskalyze helps you set the best expectations with your clients and allows you to document and showcase alignment between portfolio construction, risk tolerance, and risk capacity.

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Incorporate the Risk Number in Your Financial Planning Process | Nov 29th
Join Riskalyze and RightCapital as they discuss the importance of leading conversations around risk and how you can incorporate the Risk Number into your financial planning process.

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 Ace Your End of Year Client Meetings with IPS Reports

IPS reports offer the most flexibility for holistic analysis of client and prospect portfolios alike. Use these reports to remind clients what’s been discussed regarding their portfolio and the investment decisions which have been made. These reports can be configured to include Current and Proposed Portfolios, Retirement Maps, Stress Tests, Advisory Fees, Risk/Reward Heatmap, and Asset Class breakdowns.

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Hit the Ground Running in 2023

Implementing these six tips into your firm’s process will help your clients feel more secure about their financial future, build trust, and maintain a positive relationship!

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Riskalyze and the SEC Marketing Rule
A big part of what Riskalyze does for advisors and firms is help ensure their compliance with applicable rules and regulations. The SEC Marketing Rule is no exception, and Riskalyze has been optimized to help advisors and firms comply with this new rule.

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The Top 5 Most Common Pitfalls when Onboarding New Tech
While new technology can be a huge time-saver, the whole team must be on board with implementing it and adapting to these changes. Here’s your guide to recognizing and avoiding common problems with new tech.

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The Newest #Fintech5

Check out the latest #Fintech5 brought to you by CEO Aaron Klein and The #Fintech5 keeps you up to date on the latest news in wealth management technology. This month’s roundup includes RightCapital introducing Blueprint data visualization features, Entrustody making additions to their executive team, FA Match rolling out “test drive” for advisors, and more!

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