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Whenever Validus updates their models, you get real-time alerts. You can accept those changes, ignore them, or edit them to your heart’s content, and push those updates across your client accounts instantly.


Model subscriptions are designed to let your brand shine. Whether you’re directly following Validus strategies or you’ve customized them entirely, you can rename any model in Riskalyze to reflect your business.

Validus Research Model Portfolios

VALIDUS’ Systematic Growth Portfolios employ a patented multifactor stock selection and weighting methodology. Each portfolio is based on our Five Pillars process that groups a wide variety of “return predictive signals.” To identify the most robust return predictive signals, we draw from S&P’s Alpha Factor Library (“AFL”), built from their Global Point-in-Time databases. With AFL, we can formulate each pillar with a diverse set of alpha-generating signals that have proven effective across size segments, regions, and through multiple market cycles.

Systematic Growth Portfolio

Systematic Growth Large Cap
Systematic Growth Mid Cap
Systematic Growth Small Cap
Systematic Growth Micro Cap

Pricing: $175/month

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