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Why a risk solution has become essential, and why 85% of firms choose Riskalyze.

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Illustrate your expertise with the #1 risk solution.

While Risk Alignment has been proven for over a decade to drive growth and client retention, it’s really jumped into the center of the spotlight in this past year. Why? Market disruptions. Worldwide pandemic. And client expectations have changed. Risk tolerance, risk capacity, and investment risk now sit at the forefront of conversations, and the best brands in wealth management are equipped accordingly.

Riskalyze is the #1 risk solution for advisors to capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance to win new clients, capture and meet expectations, and quantify suitability.

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Set better expectations with clients.

Does an investor’s risk tolerance jibe with how they’re invested? A portfolio-wide Risk Number and 95% Historical Range enable you to make investment decisions and demonstrate alignment to your prospects and clients.

Document and showcase your fiduciary care.

Act in the best interests of your clients…and prove it! Document and showcase alignment between portfolio construction, risk tolerance, and risk capacity.

Grow your business.

Put a lead gen machine onto your website, email signature, or social media. Now you can prompt curiosity with the four most powerful words in financial advice, “What’s Your Risk Number?”

By the Numbers...

  • $1M

    3 out of 4 advisors saw their book of business grow over $1M after 90 days of using Riskalyze

  • 85%

    85% of Advisors who have a dedicated risk solution use Riskalyze

  • 94%

    1,000+ advisor firm improved prospect close rate from 40% to 94% after implementing Riskalyze

  • 30K+

    Proven by thousands of firms

  • 5M

    Over 5 million Risk Numbers generated to date

  • 50%

    Half of the Top Barron’s Firms choose Riskalyze

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“Riskalyze helps our advisors put transparency front and center in conversations with clients. Explanation and disclosure of risk are the most important components of this, and the Risk Number® provides a simple look at what a client wants, what they have, and what they need.”

Riskalyze snaps into your existing workflows.

Because advisors are only as efficient as the systems around them.

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