Bring the power of Risk Alignment into the heart of your CRM

Work smarter in Redtail, and empower fearless investing with Riskalyze.

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Document your fiduciary care with the Risk Number®.

It’s the heart of our award-winning proposal system for advisors. Built on a Nobel Prize-winning framework, Riskalyze has become the industry standard for quantifying investment risk, aligning risk tolerance and risk capacity with portfolio risk, and turning your prospects into fearless investors.

Leverage the power of Risk Alignment…

Sync Redtail clients directly into Riskalyze and instantly tap into sophisticated analytics of holdings, accounts, and portfolios. When Risk Assessments and Portfolio Analysis paint a picture of misalignment, it’ll quickly put you on the right side of an ACAT form.

…and document it along the way.

Once clients know their Risk Number and have bought into their investment plan, documentation of your fiduciary duty happens automatically in Redtail. Now you can find their Risk Number and their portfolio’s Risk Number directly on their contact page within Redtail. That’s working smarter.

We work together.
Our systems speak the same language

Link multiple Redtail contacts within Riskalyze to build a household portfolio and plan. Now you can have a consolidated Risk Number built upon individual Risk Assessments from each member of the household.

Our data is always up-to-date

Whenever a client's risk tolerance or active portfolio risk changes, Riskalyze pushes the updated Risk Numbers to that contact's record in Redtail.

Our staff is collaborative

Trust us — these two Sacramento-based firms love working together to help your business however we can!

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We're deeply integrated.
Import contacts

There’s no need to duplicate contact information into separate systems. Redtail and Riskalyze talk to each other to make sure you can pull up the right clients at the right time.

Sync holdings

The days of manually keying in accounts and holdings are over. Redtail seamlessly keeps all your reconciled custodial data up to date in Riskalyze, allowing you to focus more on the human interactions that strengthen your client relationships.

Launch from Redtail

Launch Riskalyze directly from a contact record in Redtail, where you'll then have access to Riskalyze's full suite of features including Risk Numbers, Risk Assessments, and Detailed Portfolio Stats.

Work smarter in Redtail, and empower fearless investing with Riskalyze.

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