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Solution for Orion

Seamlessly drive your business from proposal to trading to reporting with Riskalyze and Orion.

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Drive successful proposals with the Risk Number®.

It’s the heart of our award-winning proposal system for advisors. Built on a Nobel Prize-winning framework, Riskalyze has become the industry standard for quantifying investment risk, aligning risk tolerance and risk capacity with portfolio risk, and turning your prospects into fearless investors.

Start with the power of a risk-aligned proposal…

Prompt curiosity with the question “What’s Your Risk Number?” and turn your practice into a lead-generation machine. When Risk Assessments and Portfolio Analysis paint a picture of misalignment, it’ll quickly put you on the right side of an ACAT form.

…and move straight into trading and reporting in Orion.

Seamlessly take a new client opportunity through the proposal phase. Then, use Orion to open, fund, and trade the account. With deep integration, all your Risk Number analytics flow seamlessly into Orion reporting.

Clients just “get it.”
Orion Client Portal

Clients get visibility into their personal Risk Number and the Risk Number of their portfolio. All of this is displayed alongside the 95% Historical Range.

Orion Insights

Orion’s in-application presentation tool allows you to build slideshows for clients with just a few clicks. With the Risk Number and 95% Historical Range in your toolkit, you can make your Orion presentations shine.

Orion Reports

Orion’s Report Builder is optimized to include a Riskalyze sub-report. Whether you want Riskalyze’s data in custom reports or as part of recurring statements, we’ve got you covered.

A seamless solution with deep integration.
Orion and Riskalyze speak the same language.

An active, two-way sync means that when changes to your models happen in one app, it reflects in the other.

Orion and Riskalyze speak “custodian.”

The days of manually keying in accounts and holdings are over. Orion seamlessly keeps all your reconciled custodial data up to date in Riskalyze.

Orion and Riskalyze speak “CRM.”

No need to enter duplicate households into separate systems. Orion, Riskalyze, and your CRM talk to each other to make sure you can pull up the right clients at the right time in any window.

Drive risk alignment with Riskalyze, and enjoy your business again with Orion.

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