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The Value-to-Time Ratio

By Jeff Beaumont, Managing Director of Coaching and Support at Riskalyze

Imagine how you feel the moment you walk into Disneyland. It’s exactly how Disney wants you to feel – welcomed, beloved, and ready to have fun.

This doesn’t happen by accident. What’s the first thing you see when you arrive? Main Street. They don’t put Main Street back behind It’s a Small World or hidden in the old Tom Sawyer Island, they introduce you to the party right away – they add value immediately. That’s what a high value-to-time ratio looks like.

Grocery stores have a tougher time with this. Need a gallon of milk? It’s at the very back of the store. You’ve got to walk by every other product to get what you came for.

I’ve been thinking about this dynamic when it comes to financial technology. When technology adds immediate value to an advisor, that value is then transferred to the client. Investors inherently capture the value that their advisors capture.

To create a quick win with prospects, advisors construct the same experience: the confidence the advisor can deliver on their promises. Good times are ahead. Certainly there’s no promise that good markets are ahead, but at the helm of their financial future is a great leader: their financial advisor. Isn’t that what we want from someone who gives counsel – a seasoned veteran who swiftly navigates the rocky seas?

Day after day, our Customer Success team at Riskalyze gets to hear comments about how quickly the Six Month 95% Historical Range™ adds value to client conversations. It allows the advisor to build trust with their clients immediately. Advisors using it consistently in meetings tell us it creates an unfair advantage over their competition, driving up investor confidence well in advance of actually investing.

Risk-first advisors know that adding value and building immediate trust with investors isn’t all about your impressive office and your gleaming Mercedes in the parking lot. It’s about showing investors a realistic and believable framework that can help them make good short-term decisions along the journey to their long-term financial goals.

Delivering that level of confidence not only drives great practice efficiency… it drives an advisor’s value-to-time ratio through the roof.

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