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The Summer Checklist for Financial Advisors

1. Make a Client Vacation Calendar

Filling out this information requires a phone call, which can be a great opportunity to connect with clients. Mark the dates on your calendar and then reach out again when they return to see how it was. Use that last conversation to schedule a meeting when they’re refreshed. Talk about goals, plan their next adventure, and re-evaluate their investments.

2. Digitize Your Records Once and for All

The days of file cabinets are over. A big project like digitizing client files and getting rid of the paper records is daunting. But once it’s finished, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Short on time? Well, let’s take a look at the next item on the checklist…

3. Create an Intern To-Do List

Interns and summer associates are perfect for major projects. If your time is too valuable, delegate tasks so you can get more done. Your workflow gets simplified and you provide relevant experience (hint: everybody wins).

4. Upgrade Your Fintech

Technology upgrades are difficult when you’re busy. Wish your CRM integrated with your risk alignment software? Wish you could rebalance client portfolios without pen and paper? Use the summer downtime to check your fintech needs and do the upgrades you’ve been putting off.

5. Get a Head Start on Printed Collateral

Summer is the perfect time to get printed collateral finished for the year. “Holiday cards in July?!” you might ask. This is a slow time for the printing business, too. Instead of scrambling for client holiday cards at peak season, have it done in the Summer. Don’t forget business cards, brochures, business stationery, etc.

6. Streamline Subscriptions and Memberships

A lot can happen in a year: subscriptions renew, prices increase, and trial periods expire. Worse, you may be paying for services you don’t know about. Check all the services you’re paying for or subscribed to and start simplifying. Subscribed to a newspaper you never read? See about getting a digital-only version for less cost. Have four user licenses for software when you only need two? Summer is the time to make those calls and save some money.

7. Plan Ahead for Conference and Event Travel

Fall is a great time get involved with industry events. Affiliated with a broker-dealer? There’s a good chance they’ve got something lined up for you. Custodians are known for their large-scale trade shows as well. Want to sharpen your practice and get 1:1 training at Riskalyze’s Fearless Investing Summit in October? You’re welcome to join us!

8. Spruce Up Your Office Space

Get inspired and make office updates to reflect your new, uncluttered outlook. With fewer clients in the office, it’s the perfect time to change up the space. Move furniture or upgrade anything that’s damaged or worn. By fall, you’ll want to have even more clients coming through your doors to show off your HGTV skills. Want a cool poster on us? Let us know at

9. Boost Your Online Presence

Update photos, add connections, and clean up outdated information on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). Respond to reviews about your services on sites like Yelp or Google. Make sure your name, contact info, and website display correctly on search engines and fill in any gaps. Turn your website into a lead generation machine by adding questionnaires for visitors to fill out and consider a website re-design to attract more prospects.

This is the perfect time of year to tackle big projects and we hope this gives some inspiration. If you need a little more motivation, take a vacation yourself! You earned it.

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