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Riskalyze at Penn State

We’re thrilled to be a part of what Penn State Behrend is doing to empower fearless investing from the classroom, so we’re making a special visit today. Read the full press release below!

Students at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, Using Riskalyze to Learn Risk Management Concepts and Manage the Intrieri Family Student-Managed Fund

CEO Aaron Klein Visits College Campus to Meet with Finance Professors and Students to Discuss Use of Software in the Classroom and Expand Program

Sacramento, CA – November 2, 2017 – Today Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein visited Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, to see firsthand how faculty and students of the college’s Black School of Business are using donated Riskalyze software in their curriculum. Students are using Riskalyze both in class and in management of the Student-Managed Fund, allowing them to use the tool in simulations and on an actual investment portfolio to gain real-life experience. The feedback provided from the visit will help Riskalyze expand their unique program to more college and university business programs across the United States.

Eric Robbins, lecturer in Finance, who teaches Introduction to Investments at Penn State Behrend, has been working with Riskalyze for almost two years after launching the program, which serves to educate students on how to use financial technology in real life. The objective is to introduce students to the world of investing by exploring different types of investments, comparing them, and learning how to combine different assets into a portfolio. Riskalyze is used in the classroom to help students understand risk as it relates to client portfolios.

“When it comes to financial education, I find it extremely important to bring in tools that students are going to use when they enter the workforce. This exposes students to the technology that professionals are using every day and allows them to experience a real-life scenario,” Robbins said. “Managing risk can be difficult, especially as markets fluctuate and clients’ goals change over time. Riskalyze helps students better understand an investor’s risk and evaluate how much risk they may need to take on to achieve their financial goals.”

The software has also been introduced in Penn State Behrend’s Portfolio Management and Analysis class, in which students calculate and asses risk levels for the Intrieri Family Student-Managed Fund, allowing them to invest the money with the goal of growing the fund. The fund is managed by students, but the faculty members do maintain oversight to ensure the funds are being properly managed.

“It was great to meet with the Finance students and faculty at Penn State Behrend to hear how they have been using the technology in the classroom and the student fund including their feedback on the program thus far,” said Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein. “As we look to expand this program to more colleges and universities across the country, we see this as another opportunity to empower fearless investing – providing students with the technology they will use once they graduate, and be more comfortable addressing risk with clients and adjusting portfolios to help those clients achieve their financial goals while also staying within their risk tolerance.”

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