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Lead Generation Questionnaire Links and Web Security

By: Taylor Hansen
Product Manager at Riskalyze


Your security should be the top priority when searching the web. Thankfully, the world of web browser security is quickly tightening its use of cross-site cookies in an effort to protect users’ online privacy and data. Apple recently made several changes to Safari—the default browser for macOS and iOS devices—blocking cross-site resource cookies across the board. This change is a huge step in the right direction for browser security and sets the new standard for web developers that was previously reliant on cross-site cookies.

Complete third-party cookie blocking removes statefulness in cookie blocking, ensuring that there’s no ITP state that can be detected through cookie blocking behavior. Full third-party cookie blocking also disables login fingerprinting, further protecting you from cross-site leakage of user information.

The changes that Safari has implemented will also pave the way for other browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to follow suit in a similar fashion.

For more information on these cookie security updates, we recommend this quick read from Apple’s WebKit.

What’s Changing For You?

Due to the fact that Riskalyze can not add cross-site cookies across the web, we’re making a minor change to the behavior of our Lead Generation Questionnaire. If you have already embedded the questionnaire on your site, you don’t need to change a single thing!

When a prospect opens the Lead Generation Questionnaire, their browser will open a new tab with your custom branded questionnaire and you’ll still receive the same high-quality leads and prospect information you’ve come to know and love.

If you haven’t added the Lead Generation Questionnaire to your site—there’s never been a better time to incite curiosity with the five most powerful words in fintech: “What is your Risk Number??”

Now go out there, reach new clients, and keep empowering them to invest fearlessly!

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