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Get to Know the Channel Alliances Team

By Todd Johnson

Director of Channel Alliances

The Fearless Investing Movement is an all-hands on deck, grassroots effort on behalf of tens of thousands of financial advisors and is backed by hundreds of us at Riskalyze. Annually we host a world-class Summit, and throughout the year we bring Bootcamps to select cities around the USA. But a little-known fact is that there are Riskalyzers that visit thousands of financial advisors face to face and from coast to coast every year. We’re known as the Channel Alliance Reps, CARs for short, and we love our job!

We travel to support our valuable partnerships such as First Trust, connecting product to platform and enhancing value for advisors. We travel to spread the word to those that still haven’t discovered this technology that forever changes the way they quantify and communicate risk, demonstrate best interest, and even trade & rebalance right from within the same platform. We travel to support the amazing advisors we serve by bringing them the latest in product improvements, best practices, and feature demonstrations. Any day of the week, odds are someone on our team is hearing great product ideas, coaching requests, and stories from advisors around the country about how they’re winning business and demonstrating value. Thanks to these front line conversations, we’ve been able to quickly build and ship product enhancements for the benefit of all customers.

With the arrival of COVID-19, while we’ve been forced to put our travels on hold, we haven’t let up on working with advisors and partners. Virtual gatherings have afforded us the opportunity to continue to share how our best advisors are utilizing top features including Scenarios to give their clients a wider perspective for their portfolios and the Lead Generation Questionnaire to engage with prospects looking for a risk-first approach to their finances.

Be on the lookout for email invitations to meet us virtually in your city. When the time is right, that invitation will be to a steakhouse where we can share a nice meal, enjoy some conversation, and talk about how we can take this Fearless Investing Movement to the next level from coast to coast.

Can’t wait!

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