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A Message to the Advisors we Serve

from Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein

On this exciting day for those of us at Riskalyze, I wanted to take a moment to address the people who are responsible for every ounce of our success: the incredible financial advisors we are so privileged to serve.

I helped to co-found Riskalyze 3,831 days ago. After we delivered our first advisor product in 2013, we quickly came to realize that we weren’t just building a company, but a movement. As each and every one of you adopted the Risk Number and began putting risk at the center of how you engaged clients, you became that Fearless Investing Movement.

That was a far bigger responsibility than just building a company, but we took it very seriously. Today marks an exciting step forward for our movement.

One of the world’s premier software investors, Hg Capital, has partnered with me and our other founders to recapitalize our business, by exiting our existing investors. I will continue to serve as Riskalyze’s CEO, and I’ve reinvested the majority of my holdings in Riskalyze into the recapitalized firm.

If I were in your shoes as a Riskalyze customer for a moment, I would feel very validated in the decisions I’ve made for my technology stack and client engagement. After all, it’s not every day that one of the world’s premier software investors places a big bet like this!

This transaction also signals a lot more investment, a lot more innovation, and a lot more growth that we intend to create for you, the advisors we love to serve. Riskalyze is becoming an even stronger independent partner to serve financial advisors at the desktop, and solve complex and difficult problems for wealth management enterprises.

The future is bright. We aren’t going to let up until the entire world has the ability to invest fearlessly. We’re excited to have the Fearless Investing Movement step into this next chapter of innovation and growth. Thank you again for your trust. Onward we go.