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2016’s Hot Topics: Client Psychology and Risk Tolerance


Our introduction of Check-ins at
the T3 Conference
in February certainly sparked a new wave of conversations around client
psychology and risk tolerance. While we didn’t plan it this way, we’re sure the
market’s volatile first few weeks in 2016 didn’t hurt the momentum of this
topic either.

investors who have a great advisor only spend an hour with the advisor every
six months or so. They spend the time between those client reviews down in the
“valley of doom” where fearful punditry and sensationalist journalism rules. That’s why so many clients often blow up their long-term plans based on
short-term risk.

you know, Check-ins will help the advisor solve this with a powerful monthly
email that assesses the client’s psychology with two taps of their finger. The
advisor’s message will be supported month in and month out with adaptive
content and analytics between client reviews. As a bonus, advisors get an early
warning system to know which clients might need some extra help before the next

The discussion
picked up speed in February as the Check-ins announcement was featured in Financial Advisor Magazine, RIA Biz, Wealth Management Today, Yahoo Finance,, FPPad Bits n’ Bytes and Investment News. Last week, The
New York Times
joined the investment psychology conversation with Ron
Lieber’s column, “As Stocks Gyrate, It’s Time to Measure
Your Risk Tolerance
.” In Lieber’s article, Riskalyze’s Chief
Investment Officer Mike McDaniel reinforced the idea that client psychology
cannot be assessed with typical, outdated client stereotypes… “we are
quantifying the semantics.”

to continue the investment psychology conversation? Our CEO, Aaron Klein, will
be one of the featured presenters at the Implement NOW Virtual Summit in March.
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