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Be the Advisor Your Mom Wants You to Be

How to consistently do what’s right and ultimately make a difference in the world.

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Do you already have a gift picked out?

If your mom is the type to tell you she doesn’t want a gift, we have a small suggestion for you: Share with her exactly how putting the things she’s taught you into practice is helping you make a difference in the world.

As a financial advisor, you have one of the most important jobs of any profession. The work you do to educate, support, and guide the lives of individuals has a far-reaching impact across the globe to positively impact the lives of people you may never become aware of or meet.

So let’s take a fresh look at how advisors make a real difference.

3 Ways to Make Your Mom Proud

Every mom is different and every mom can have different definitions of “success” for their (adult) children, but we feel confident that if any advisor who bats 1.000 on these three areas is doing things right—and making Mom proud in the process.

1. Put Your Clients First
Let’s start with the obvious one. The one that the word “fiduciary” is all about. The very reason you got into this business in the first place: To help people.

Yes, we (and you) know that the heart of every fearless advisor is to create fearless investors among their clients, but it never hurts to be reminded of the importance and power of putting your clients first.

Some might say that being a fiduciary means that everyone has to do this, but the difference between an advisor who truly believes in this approach versus one who follows the letter but not the spirit of the idea is easy to spot.

And advisors who adopt a client-first approach to life tend to also believe in similar principles for how to run their entire business, like the practice of servant leadership.

Servant leadership is an idea where a leader prioritizes others. Riskalyze’s Managing Director of Customer Marketing, Dan Bolton, describes is this way:

“When employees notice that their leader is prioritizing the needs of others above their own, studies have shown that those employees are directly influenced and end up serving customers at a higher level.“


2. Discover a Higher Purpose
It’s easy to joke about the moms who only ever seemed to want their kids to become doctors or lawyers. But behind those suggestions was usually a desire to see their kids grow up to make a difference.

It’s not hard to see how advisors make a difference when they build businesses that equip families and investors with financial education and advice that improves lives across the world.

But there are specific ways, beyond investment advice, where advisors are challenging the status quo and doing amazing work that any mom could love.

Alex Chalekian, CEO of Lake Avenue Financial, is an outspoken champion of equality in the financial services industry. He not only puts his clients first, he also spends much of his time elevating other advisors into more prominent and visible places to further more good throughout the advice profession.

And advisors everywhere are paying more attention to how investment decisions can have far-reaching consequences. As consumer preferences adapt and more investors want to see the real-world impact their investments can make, advisors are leading the way to help them make their desired changes.

3. Live Balanced
The commitment and energy it takes to create a successful business is enough to make anyone lose sight of a balanced life.

The juggle of life and work is a delicate balance, but advisors like Nina O’Neal have found ways to be life-changing advisors and also a friend, parent, business partner, and spouse that makes time for everyone in their life to feel supported and special.

And while moms want to see their kids be successful professionally, most of all they want them to be successful, well-rounded people.



So there you have it. Three ways to show your mom this Mother’s Day that you’re a financial advisor who’s making a real difference and consistently putting into practice all the things she taught you when you were young.

Make your mom proud. Try Riskalyze today and discover the risk software that makes it easy to be a better advisor.



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