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Be the Advisor Your Dog Wants You to Be

How to run an efficient practice from the comfort of your own home.

Without a doubt, 2020 was the best year ever. 

For dogs, that is.

Man’s best friend has always been there for us when we got home after a long day away at the office. To be fair, though, they’re even there for us if we step outside for thirty seconds to get the mail.

The thing is, dogs love us no matter what. And moving to a remote work environment was a dog’s dream come true at first. 

People home all day to pet them? Heaven!

In many situations, dogs and other pets have helped us cope with a radically different lifestyle. But as remote work has gone on and stress has gone up, advisors who run a remote advisory firm may have found that the need to focus on work and pet a dog at the same time don’t really go together.

But Fido still needs your love. So how do you become the advisor your dog wants you to be?

You learn how to run a remote advisory firm as well as you possibly can so you can spend more time at the dog park and less time stuck in traffic.

Let’s look at how to get there.

Lock It Up

Look around your home office. Did you go all out to make it a place where you love to be? Maybe you’ve got a relaxing chair you can tilt back, or a coffee maker in the corner, or a kettlebell at your feet to help you stay in shape. 

You may not have all the amenities as a traditional office, but it’s a nice place to be.

All those perks don’t mean much if you don’t pay attention to some basic cybersecurity principles—and make sure your staff does the same.  

Read how Riskalyze client United Planners prioritized cybersecurity within its organization.

The simplest and easiest step to locking down your home office is to lock down your home network. At a basic level, make sure your home WiFi and the WiFi for all your employees are password protected so no one can pull up alongside your house and piggyback onto your data.

For more ways to safeguard your firm, click here to read 3 cybersecurity tips every advisor needs to know.

Take a Lesson From Yoga

If you want to be effective at home, you have to be flexible

Parents with kids at home may not be able to work the usual 9 to 5 routine that they did in the office. Studies going back years have shown that when you give your employees flexibility, they can regulate themselves and get the job done. 

So don’t feel bad about taking your dog for a walk in the middle of the day instead of waiting until 6 p.m. at night. Do what feels right to give yourself space for more productivity.

Prioritize Communication

When you’re not sitting across from someone, intent can be misconstrued. 

Guard against in-office drama and the resulting distraction by embracing digital communication methods. 

If your firm uses a communications platform like Slack, you can audio and video call team members at a moment’s notice. While it may feel like you’re encroaching at times to not just send a message and wait for a response, you have to become a better communicator to make your team run as well as it possibly can. 

When in doubt, over-communicating beats under-communicating.

Communication best practices don’t stop within your team, though. You’ve got to communicate even more with clients when you move to a digital-only environment.

Luckily, you’ve got technology to help you keep clients fearless even during the most volatile times.


Riskalyze Check-ins make it super simple to monitor your clients’ psychology and market sentiment from wherever you are and wherever they are.

Set a cadence for when you want to check in with a client and we’ll take care of the rest. They’ll receive an email that prompts two taps on their phone, and you get to see how they feel about the markets and how they feel about their financial future. 


With an early warning sign when client psychology needs care, you can reach out, talk about their plan in the context of their Risk Number, and empower them to invest fearlessly.


There are so many virtual meeting tools today that it can be a little overwhelming.  Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral…the list keeps going.

If you have clients who are less than tech savvy, it can be problematic for your relationship if you ask them to download an application they don’t understand.

And what’s worse — once you get everything up and running, screen sharing can be a compliance nightmare. What if you get a notification? Or accidentally hit your browser’s ‘back’ button and show the wrong data to the wrong client? 

Riskalyze Meetings simplifies digital meetups and keeps your client data secure. There’s no software for your client to install, and they’re automatically restricted to seeing only their own data. Now you’re illustrating your advice from afar and keeping it locked down.

Get Out of the House & Get to the Dog Park

Now you’re well on your way to running a more efficient remote advisory firm.

And when you’re efficient with your communication and your work, everyone benefits—including Fido.

So get out of the office and warm up that throwing arm for tennis balls.  

Become the advisor your dog wants you to be. Watch a guided tour of Riskalyze to get started. 



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