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Risk Number Indices

By Mike McDaniel,
Chief Investment Officer

Over a year ago, Riskalyze started building Autopilot. We knew Autopilot technology was going to cost us a fortune to build and we wanted to find a creative way to provide that technology at a price you all could stomach.

At the same time, we had advisors looking to us, a technology company, to provide investment and model advice. We don’t do that, but we knew there was demand for investment vehicles built with the Risk Number in mind. So, we set out to create a handful of indices that did exactly that.

Our quest was to create best of breed indices with the expectation that an advisor-focused asset manager would build investment vehicles using those indices.
If we could get economics from these indices, we could pass on huge savings to you!
We are thrilled that First Trust manages six ETFs based on our indices. So it was a no-brainer to have First Trust’s investment committee design our Risk Number Models based on those indices for Autopilot.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results and that’s why we’ve made the Risk Number Models the default models in Riskalyze. That’s also why we can deliver our AP technology at no cost to advisors using Risk Number Models or funds on the Autopilot Fund Universe.

You wanted us to offer investment models based on the Risk Number, and we’re proud to offer them in Autopilot.

We can’t wait for you to see what the Risk Number Models can do for your business. These models are 21 building blocks, carefully crafted with the Risk Number at the core, built by the research team at First Trust Advisors LP. You can customize them, rebrand them, and make them your own. Now, you can even leverage these models by putting your client accounts on Riskalyze Trading.

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