Start developing using the proprietary Riskalyze data you know and love.

Delivering a platform is about more than just technology. It’s about using data that helps you better engage with your customers.

Learn About Our API Service

Leverage Riskalyze’s APIs.

Leveraging Riskalyze’s core API means less time messing with data and more time focusing on business growth and client engagement.

With six separate APIs (and more to come) we’ve made it quick and easy to connect your tools with our best-in-class technology.

  • Available APIs include:
  • Riskalyze Risk Number®
  • Riskalyze GPA®
  • Riskalyze Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
  • Riskalyze Retirement Maps*
  • Riskalyze Get Client*
  • Riskalyze Models and Portfolios*

*API only available with a Riskalyze Enterprise License

API Use Cases

Whether you are a wealth manager, asset manager, or tech provider, we’ve got the API tooling and resources to fit your exact needs.

  • Wealth Management

    A wealth management firm looking to infuse risk analytcis into their home-grown technology for growth and/or compliance.

  • Asset Management

    An asset management firm looking to score their investments or models through the lens or the Risk Number and Riskalyze GPA.

  • Technology Partner

    A technology partner looking to optimize Riskalyze’s IP inside their proprietary technology to go to market faster.

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