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This is Risk


    Risk Assessments pinpoint exactly how much risk an investor wants — eliminating the stereotypes that have made risk tolerance all but useless. Use the leading scientific framework to objectively pinpoint an investor’s Risk Number®, whether you’re across the room or across the world. Learn more >


    Portfolio analysis empowers you to assess how much risk an investor currently has. A portfolio-wide Risk Number and 95% Historical Range enable you to make investment decisions and demonstrate alignment (or misalignment) to your prospects and clients. Learn more >


    Retirement Maps paints a picture of how much risk an investor needs to take on to reach their goals. When you can calculate their risk capacity and illustrate the bigger picture, you can build a map to success for your clients. Learn more >


    Proposals allow you to build the perfect portfolio with the exact amount of risk an investor should take on. Whether from scratch or from a model, you can easily showcase why a portfolio in alignment with the investor’s Risk Number is right for them.

What advisors have to say:

Set better expectations with clients.

Does an investor’s risk tolerance fit with how they’re actually invested? A portfolio-wide Risk Number and 95% Historical Range enable you to make investment decisions and demonstrate alignment to your prospects and clients.

Document and showcase your fiduciary care.

Act in the best interests of your clients…and prove it! Document and showcase alignment between portfolio construction, risk tolerance, and risk capacity.

Grow your business.

Put a lead gen machine onto your website, email signature, or social media. Now you can prompt curiosity with the four most powerful words in financial advice, “What’s Your Risk Number?”

The Risk Number turns your website into a client acquisition machine.

Something incredible happens when you use the Risk Number to prove that you can correct a misaligned portfolio. Apply powerful risk analytics to quickly assess the Risk Number of a prospect’s outside holdings and watch ACAT forms get signed faster than you’ve ever seen before.

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"Riskalyze’s Lead Generation Questionnaire still outperforms anything else we’ve done to generate leads."

Paint the picture of risk capacity.

After you’ve determined how much risk a client is comfortable with, and how much risk they have in their current portfolio, the next step is to deteremine how much risk they need.

Retirement Maps is a fantastic precursor to a financial plan and helps paint a picture of how much risk your clients need to take on to reach their long-term goals.

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Illustrate your expertise
with clients.


Want to determine how a portfolio would have reacted during the Financial Crisis or the 2013 Bear Market? Stress testing allows you to simulate these events proving your client’s portfolio is in alignment with their goals.

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Elevate your stress testing and create a portfolio narrative through custom scenarios. Shift between stock and bond market depictions and compare them to benchmarks to ensure your clients can handle every situation.

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Riskalyze snaps into your existing workflow.


Packed with features you’ll love.

Risk Assessments
Risk Assessments

Eliminate the stereotypes that have made risk tolerance useless. Use leading scientific theory to objectively pinpoint an investor's Risk Number®, whether you’re across the room or across the world.

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Portfolio Risk
Portfolio Risk

Does an investor's risk tolerance align with how they're invested? A portfolio-wide Risk Number® and 95% Historical Range enable you to make investment decisions and demonstrate alignment to your prospects and clients.

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Retirement Maps
Retirement Maps

Don't wonder if a client's risk preference will allow them to achieve their goals—calculate their probability and build a map to success. Illustrate the bigger picture and even uncover outside assets.

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Stress Tests
Stress Tests

Run portfolios through historical events like the 2008 Financial Crisis or 2013 Bull Market to help clients understand what it means to control risk or beat the market.

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Detailed Portfolio Stats
Detailed Portfolio Stats

Unleash your inner math geek with in-depth analysis of everything from modeled performance comparisons, sector breakdowns, regional exposure, and more!

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Find the perfect investment for your clients with security analysis and fund screening. Discovery empowers you to quickly dive into your investment research based on your most important search criteria including the Risk Number®, Riskalyze GPA®, expense ratios, and more.

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