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Aaron Klein to Keynote Money Management’s Conference in Australia

Our CEO Aaron Klein is off to Australia this week to speak at Money Management’s “The Future of Wealth Management Technology” conference. Read the full release “down under” this message for details.

Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein to Keynote Money Management’s Future of Wealth Management Technology Conference in Magenta Shores, Australia

SACRAMENTO, CA–(Marketwired – August 01, 2016) – Aaron Klein, co-founder and CEO of Riskalyze, the company that empowers thousands of advisors to align each client’s investments with their Risk Number®, will serve as the keynote speaker at Money Management’s The Future of Wealth Management Technology Conference in Magenta Shores, Australia. The conference will host wealth management experts and executives to discuss regulatory changes and the emerging technology trends shaping the market.

During his keynote speech, Klein will discuss the emergence of the “risk first” approach to client engagement in the United States, and how the industry is broadly misunderstanding what robo technology is and how it can supercharge human advice. “We began as contrarians in the belief that risk should be at the center of how you engage with clients, and we continue as contrarians in our belief that robo is a technology model, not a business model,” said Klein. “I look forward to the opportunity to share with our many friends down under how we believe these two trends are going to win the future for advisors across the globe.”

Klein will also discuss how Australia has the potential to leapfrog the United States in the way it approaches robo advice. “Australia has forward-thinking firms, advisors and regulators, and it’s worth considering how they may be able to leapfrog the rest of the world in embracing an advisor-centric future that better empowers investors,” said Klein. “Where US advisors still cling to robo as a business model, Australian advisors have the opportunity to understand it as a technology model, and lead the way toward a new paradigm for delivering advice.”

The Future of Wealth Management Technology Conference will take place in Magenta Shores, Australia on August 4-5.

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