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Join tens of thousands of advisors who empower clients to invest fearlessly.

A Practice-Sharpening Summit

Advisors are getting eager to join us this October in Lake Tahoe, and we’re thrilled about the world-class venue and guests we’ve landed. In the past few weeks, we’ve spoken with many advisors specifically about what they’ll get out of the summit.

The role an advisor plays for their clients is incredibly valuable, and advisors want to be sure this time spent outside the office is a tangible investment into themselves and their practices.

Yes, the location is absolutely beautiful, and yes, we’ll throw some unforgettable parties, but what will it do for your practice?

You don’t need another average trade show. That’s why the Fearless Investing Summit is engineered to equip and inspire you to become an even better advisor.

So, what can you expect at the Fearless Investing Summit?


Hear from World-Class Industry Thought Leaders

We’re honored to be joined by an impressive medley of brilliant minds this fall.

Learn a highly-personalized approach to investing that aligns intention with action while fostering an investment experience that is both enjoyable and rational from Dr. Daniel Crosby, a behavioral finance expert and sought after thought leader on market psychology.

Spenser Segal, named by Investment Advisor magazine as one of the financial services industry’s most influential leaders, will speak on the “Five Levels of Technology Utilization” in a firm.

Attend the session led by Morningstar’s COO and the head of their Managed Portfolios division as they have a conversation about moving past the outdated view that investing is only a mathematical analysis of risk and return.

Hear from Joel Bruckenstien, the publisher of Technology Tools for Today and an internationally recognized expert on applied technology for financial professionals.

Alex Chalekian, founder and CEO of Lake Avenue Financial, will host a breakout on firm mergers and acquisitions drawing from his experience of acquiring six practices since 2008.

René Nourse will speak on the next frontier for advisory practice growth and equip attendees with the tools to build a practice that will last long into the future.

Andy Swan, technologist and serial entrepreneur, will share how social data is transforming RIAs.

Our own Aaron Klein and Mike McDaniel, who have both been honored in InvestmentNews’ 40 under 40, will cast vision for the future of the fearless investing movement.

Plus, with 30+ breakouts covering everything from “Supercharging Your Marketing,” “Discussing Risk Capacity,” “Discovering Held-Away Assets,” and “The Client Review Meeting of the Future,” you get to choose the experience that’ll be most beneficial to you.

Recharge Your Practice Management Skills

Managing a practice is growing more complex and is no simple task. Advisors today wear many hats: boss, coach, researcher, portfolio manager, business owner, financial hotline and more. The advisor of the future has plenty to juggle, and we want to help.

Come see how you can increase business, transform bottom lines and take your firm to the next level.

Dive Into Riskalyze’s Best Practices

Our Conference and Events Manager spoke with an advisor who told him, “I’ve always said I want learn how to make the most out of this feature or that feature as soon as I can make the time…but it seems like now you’ve made the time for me!”

We’ll have dedicated, one-on-one training available from Riskalyze’s leadership, engineers and coaches so you can custom-tailor Riskalyze to your firm’s needs.

Do you know how to best leverage Retirement Maps to uncover hidden assets or hold a productive conversation about risk capacity? Do you want to know the coolest ways to “crack Riskalyze” and use it for more than you’ve thought was possible?

You deserve to get the most out of your risk alignment platform. Ask questions, get answers, and maximize your investment.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Issues

What does the regulatory landscape and updates to the fiduciary rule look like for advisors? The “Best Interest Economy” is rapidly approaching one way or another, but how will the fine print effect your practice?

Learn how to operate with increased oversight and stay ahead of the issues before they impact you.

Study Up on Investment Trends

How can financial professionals stay ahead of the big changes coming to investing? We believe there’s no better way than to dive into an environment where you’ll be sharpened by all kinds of perspectives across the wealth management space. We’ll take a look at alternative investments, the future of “robo,” retirement plans, annuities, and much more. Industry-leading experts and organizations will kick off conversations that’ll be continued over the course of the summit.

At Riskalyze, we take the fearless investing movement seriously, so we’ve programmed a 3-day event specifically to sharpen the practices of the advisors we love.

And that’s why big-name guests, gorgeous Lake Tahoe and side-splitting comedians are just the icing on the cake.

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